1. Disassociate Yourself

    Music: Nature Trips by Eyedress


  2. Ami Nu Ku Tuu



    A man in his late forties is sipping his coffee. He does this in a routine like fashion. He looks at the empty seat next to him. He pauses. He states at it for a moment. He then proceeds to take a sip from his mug.


  4. Santa Monica


  5. As seen on my Instagram, Test shoot with Cassy Posey. Photos coming soon!

    Music: You & Me by Disclosure (Flume Remix)




  6. I shot BTS for Arsenic Magazine’s latest photo shoot. 

    BIg thanks to Spazzkid for sharing me his music. 

    Check him out here!


  7. Figueroa, Flower and Broadway


  8. Hearts


  9. I shot BTS material for Arsenic Magazine over the weekend and I was able to take a few photos in between takes. 

    Watch out for the official Arsenic Magazine photos soon! 

    Check out their Indiegogo page. Support and share!

    Now back to editing.


  10. Hollywood